Staying aligned with your annual goals during the holiday season is not an easy challenge by any means. After all, the off season allows us to invest time in our training program and gives the opportunity to reconnect with ourselves on a personal level more than ever before. Lets take a time to reflect back not only on this wonderful 2019, but also look back at how much we have grown during the past decade.

Despite all the good this year had to offer, now is a great time to indulge and put our taste buds to the test, nonetheless, our expert coach team wanted to remind you of some powerful tips to keep in mind and fend away the holiday bulge.

Get your day started with these 5 tips:

Drink a large glass of water for every alcoholic drink you consume. This will help you cut down on the quantity of alcohol you actually do take in and also help negate any dehydration you might encounter.

  1. Eat before the party. Try not to arrive starving hungry. This will help you to cut back on your intake of the less healthy foods that are often on offer.
  2. Celebrate early. How about ringing in the New Year at 9pm then getting a great nights sleep prior to an early New Years Day workout? 
  3. Goals, its all about the goals. Take sometime this week to really lay out your athletic goals for 2020. Think about what you want to achieve and get specific. Goals that are measurable, positive and specific are more likely to be achieved.
  4. Say thanks! Gratitude goes a long way. Think about your life and everything that allows you to go for your peak in 2020. Take a moment to meditate on this.

See any pro tips missing on this list? Make sure to spread the knowledge and share the info with your concierge so we can add it in the future.

The Time In Now, No Excuses

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