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Become a PKRS.AI Team Ambassador 2020

We are looking for the most engaged endurance sports enthusiasts worldwide who will help us spread the word about PKRS.AI and help us improve people’s lives through sports.

We are interested in runners, cyclists, swimmers, triathletes, as well as other multi-sport athletes of various levels and abilities. If you have good influence in your area and experience in sharing your impressions through words, imagery, or video, join us in making a positive global impact!


As a PKRS.AI Ambassador you will get:

  • $30 monthly free AI membership, coached by Myra
  • Fair portion of our revenue from your user(s) every month as long as they are subscribed to one of our memberships
  • The chance to be first to try ground-breaking new products and technology
  • Rapha / Pedal Mafia Custom cycling kit, triathlon kit, running kit and gear drops after achieving specific milestones
  • The chance to be featured in our channels, podcast, newsletter, Instagram, and other social media
  • Welcome post featuring you shared in our social media channels

PKRS.AI Ambassadors Are Expected To:

  • Have at least 2 posts on social media a month on page with @PKRS.AI and #liveyourpeak tagged
  • Have at least 1 story on Instagram per week with @PKRS.AI and #liveyourpeak tagged
  • Be a clear embodiment of our brand values & not promote other training platforms or coaches
  • Communicate with the PKRS team about other ways you’re representing the brand
  • Race with our kits or with visible PKRS.AI logo
  • Communicate with us if you’re injured or moving to a different country

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