We understand  getting used to and making the most of different fitness devices can be overwhelming. But actually, using the right fitness device with the right fitness app can be quite useful and efficient to make the best out of your daily workout program. 

Track Your Progress

This is a big one: you need tools and devices that connect to your training app. And what a better app than the one you can automatically sync with your phone and smartwatch data? With reliable fitness tools and devices such as Garmin, Suunto, and Strava, your workouts and progress will automatically sync to your app of choice, in this case PKRS.AI. This means that you no longer have to track your fitness data manually which is awesome, convenient and efficient. This might take a step or two of getting used to, but if you are using the right fitness tool, it will basically be effortless and will integrate with your workout lifestyle in no time.

Keeping It Visual And Transparent

We want to be as honest as we can be with ourselves when it comes to reaching our goals, as the only ones we are cheating on is ourselves if we laze around more often than we should. This is where your fitness devices come to play. You will be able to track all your progress and areas for improvement through visual and comprehensive data. And because they are considered as your digital fitness partner, they can remind you to take the extra step, or create recommended meal and workout plans that will work for you in reaching your optimal performance.

A Great Motivator

The great thing about being able to track your progress in real time through visual data, is that you get to see how well you are doing, and how far you have come since the start of your fitness journey – your current goals, and more to come after. Your fitness device will remind you when you have reached a personal best, or when you are close to reaching your goal, or if you are interested in trying out new workouts; always motivating you to do more.

As a matter of fact, a study on forty-seven participants by the Mhealth of the AME Publishing Company has proven that the use of effective fitness devices has a connection to usefulness and tends to create a more positive attitude when being used. As such with PKRS.AI, that motivates through adaptive training plans that cater to your needs, and considers your rest and recovery.

All-in-One And On-The-Go

You can have all these, and have your data from trusted fitness apps such as Garmin, Suunto, and Strava be synced into one, ultimate fitness tool such as PKRS.AI. All these data are then evaluated by our team of expert human coaches and our very own AI, Myra. 

Here at PKRS.AI, we maximize your potential. Evaluated data gathered from your fitness app of choice will provide accurate and expert advice from our coaching dream team consisting of your own head coach, nutritionist, and strength trainer, as well as recommendations for the best training programs for you to reach your peak performance while making sure you get enough rest and recovery.


Let’s Start Your PKRS.AI Journey

We are excited to have you on board. Proudly considered as the official platform for Ironman and Haute Route, you are in reliable hands.

Seamlessly sync your fitness tool of choice such as Garmin, Suunto, and Strava to PKRS.AI and let us create an adaptable training plan tailor-made just for you, and have your data be expertly evaluated by our AI coach, all for less than $1 a day. And for less than $3 a day, you also get access to a coaching dream team consisting of your own head coach, nutritionist, and strength trainer, with lots more to offer.

PKRS.AI is ready for you. Available for both Android and iOS devices, download PKRS.AI today and enjoy your 7-day free trial. 


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