Once every 4-8 weeks as part of your PKRS.AI exercise program, you will be asked to perform a test session for your main sport(s). The purpose of this test is to check progress and to see how your performance has changed and also to set up your heart-rate training zones.

As such, the main thing for you to focus on is doing the tests as accurately as possible so that not only is the test a good reflection of your performance but also so that the data you collect is able to be analyzed by our A.I. 

Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the sessions:

  1. Prepare in advance so that you are ready not only physically but also with the equipment you will be using
  2. Don’t eat within 90 minutes of starting the test. You want your stomach empty and energy available to move your body- not digest your lunch!
  3. Warming up is key. Take a little longer than usual. Foam roll to get the blood flowing through loose muscles. Halfway through the cardio warm-up stop and gently stretch to extend your range of motion.
  4. If you are doing a bike test that is using a power-meter be sure to calibrate it and test that your cadence sensor is working correctly.
  5. Check your heartrate monitor reading. You should be using a chest strap with your heart-rate monitor to get the best signal but also check that the numbers you are seeing match up and are not erratic.
  6. Use the lap button. This is key. Press it at the start of your “test effort” and at the end of the effort. This allows our A.I. to easily and more accurately analyze your performance.
  7. Pacing. Think of the test as a “hard Zone 4” effort where you start in upper Z3, move into Z4 and build to a Z5 peak if you have the legs for it. Don’t start out too hard.
  8. Look for repeatable conditions. If indoors this means the same temperature. If outdoors use a course that has no traffic or reasons to make you stop. A quiet road uphill on the bike and track for the run is ideal. Test at the same time of day and when you know you are likely to perform the best.

Don’t always expect gains as some days are just not your day. Somedays you just pace your effort incorrectly too. Over time though you will see an upward shift in performance as you build to peak.

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