We are happy to announce our official partnership with Haute Route, the most prestigious multi-day cycling events for amateur riders in the world. Our partnership symbolizes another step forward for the sport, combining the right mix between mobile and artificial intelligence (AI) technology, along with first-class endurance training and performance cycling expertise.

Featuring what some like to call the holy grail of amateur cycling, Haute Route delivers 1-, 3- and 7-day events in seven countries. Riders get to participate in famous destinations across the Alps, Pyrenees, Mexico, Brazil, and now online in Zwift’s Watopia. All events are staples in the cycling world and an absolute challenge for those who love the sport.

Worth mentioning about Haute Route:

  • There has been more than 8k event finishers since 2011
  • Responsible for 13 events and 20 host venues annually, around the world
  • Total climbing across all courses stacks to more than 109 kilometers (67 miles), equivalent to 12 Mount Everest ascents

The official Haute Route app delivers cycling-specific training plans and coaching expertise. Available now on both iOS and Android.

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