With challenges comes innovation, and with persistence and community amazing breakthroughs are made. The time is now to unleash the new human race, a race towards optimal performance, nutrition, and mindset. We race today towards a better tomorrow, and today we are happy to celebrate our most impactful update yet.

Breaking The Limits

Because limits are meant to be broken, we are proud to announce our latest platform update, giving athletes across the globe the choice to train with PKRS’s A.I. coach, MYRA, who works as your very own personal coach daily, analyzing your performance and data to bring you the most holistic, personalized plan in the market. A complete holistic experience designed to maximize your training, recovery, mindset, and your better self.

NEW PRICE / PKRS AI Plan – All-inclusive, all for less than $1 a day or less than your typical gym membership. Starting today you can train with your A.I. coach MYRA for only $30 month.


Make Things Personal

Combine tech and coaches to leverage the best of both worlds. To maximize the human experience, athletes can upgrade their PKRS plan to include a set of elite personal fitness coaches. Which includes a head coach, strength specialist, nutritionist, and concierge support specialist. Each ready to ready to guide and motivate you each step of the way, bringing a personal edge to your training, powered by experience and technology.

NEW PRICE / PKRS PRO – An entire vetted coaching team, along with your smart coach A.I. MYRA at the palm of your hand, a complete package with 4 human coaches at a fraction of the cost of a single training coach nowadays, a full experience for less than $3 a day, all for just $90 a month.


Elevate The New Human Experience

As we reach millions of fitness enthusiasts around the world, we celebrate this important milestone designed to revolutionize the fitness and endurance world. Giving everyone the chance to live their better self through sport, elevating our performance, nutrition, and mindset to new levels. Join us in the race towards living the best that we can be.


Reach Your Potential

Available for both Android and iOS devices, start to live your better seft by downloading PKRS.AI and get started with your free trial today.