At PKRS.AI we’ve taken the knowledge of some of the best athletes and coaches in the world and translated it into an A.I. brain that will guide you to peak performance. During this process, we established a key set of rules that will ensure that you not only get the results you desire but also become a “complete athlete” in the process. This means that regardless of your exact discipline and distance, that your program will cover all bases, expanding on your strengths and strengthening your weaknesses. This is what we call “the path to injury free, peak performance”. 

Here are the key pillars of your program and how to get the most from it:


Sports Science

Everything that we do is based on sports science. We live in a world in which  the path has been forged for us by amazing athletes and scientists, who have documented and measured what works and what doesn’t. We’ve erased all the hype and fads and bring to you just clear and precise methods. For you this means that you can trust your exercise prescription and not have to second guess it. You can rest assured that you are doing workouts that work and that your plan will progress as you do, always pushing you to a higher peak. Your task is to follow the guidance as best you can so that you get the most from each session. So that means staying in the correct zone during your cardio workouts and paying attention to form and technique. Be sure to PREP each workout to get the full picture of what you achieve from the session.

Mental Development

The difference between the winners and the also-rans is mostly in the mind. Whether you are looking to compete to win or just to be the best you possible, it’s clear that honing your mental skills of focus, belief and commitment will go a long way in all areas of your life. This is why your daily meditation and breathwork sessions are so important. It’s also why tracking your training by debriefing your workouts matters. It not only helps your Recovery and Load stats to be more accurate and helpful to you but it also builds a roadmap of your success that you can celebrate at any time.

Structural Integrity

Through strength and core training along with flexibility and mobility work, you will find that your body becomes more resilient to injury and functions at a higher level, especially once you progress to the more advanced stages of training. Try to do “a little and often” as per your plan rather than “mega-sessions” once in a while. This especially applies to the recovery techniques such as foam rolling. A pro-tip is actually to do your foam rolling prior to endurance training rather than afterwards. Try it and notice how much better you perform.

The 20 Most Weight-Loss-Friendly Foods on The Planet


You are what you eat and what you eat today, you wear tomorrow!! Food is a really simple concept that over the years has been made complicated and confusing by the general fitness industry. At PKRS.AI food is very simple.… it’s just real food, eaten in moderate quantities with the aim of promoting optimal health and performance, all based on the science of what champions do. It’s built to suit your needs and goals and designed so that even the most novice cook can follow it. 

Let’s Start Your PKRS.AI Journey

We are excited to have you on board. Proudly considered as the official platform for Ironman and Haute Route, you are in reliable hands.

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