It is that time of the year again colder weather, shorter days, holiday distractions (and indulgences). Fall and winter can be a challenging time to stick with training regimens in any year, and 2020 is not just any year!

Between varying levels of shutdowns and quarantines, an upcoming election like no other, and at least here in Southern California, the ever-present threat of wildfires – it has not been the easiest year to focus on much of anything. But with so many things out of our control, it has never been more important to work on those things that are in our control; physical fitness being a big one.

Aside from the obvious benefits of maintaining your physical well-being, having a consistent exercise regimen can be great for your mental health too! Working on yourself physically can help with both seasonal depression and feeling overwhelmed by news headlines, and staying in shape is one of the most obvious tips for reducing your COVID-19 risk factors, and any other possible sickness in general. We cannot emphasize enough the importance of your health especially in today’s climate.

So, we know you are now definitely on board, but staying fit can be easier said than done. Here at PKRS.AI, we have your back. Here are some helpful tips from our own experts – we are in this together!

Set Goals And Meet Them

Many races and events have been canceled all year, so if you are used to the cyclical nature of train-compete-recover-repeat, you might have been thrown for a loop this year. Aside from the physical “conditioning” that comes with that cycle of training, you might also be missing the pure motivation that comes with working towards a big day and peaking in performance for the world to see. It might sound cheesy, but you can try to emulate that yourself – circle a day on the calendar and give yourself a goal to work towards.

Get Social Safely

It has been a year with no shortage of alone time. Having a workout buddy or group can help you stay accountable, motivated, and disciplined, while also making your sessions more than just a workout, but a social event too! Be sure to follow local guidelines regarding coronavirus exposure, but in most places, hiking, jogging, or cycling in a safely distanced group should be no problem. You will swap hugs and kisses for elbow bumps, but you can still reap the benefits of face-to-face interaction while still gaining natural competitive instincts. It is definitely awesome to catch up with your fitness buddies online, but there is no harm in going out once in a while, while maintaining safety precautions.

Create A Plan

Holiday distractions, bad weather, and good old laziness can take over this time of year – so do not leave your workout sessions to whim and circumstance. Open your trusty calendar and build a realistic schedule for yourself that you know you will not break. Prepare backup plan workouts for when the weather goes south, give yourself allowances for seasonal festivities, but other than that, stick to it! Keep your workouts from becoming stale by planning a variety of new exercises, routes, or times during the day, explore new sports or practices, and use your calendar to create time for stretching, recovery, and meditation/mindfulness too. When you can, try to gear your sessions towards the outdoors – crisp, fresh air can go further for your health than you might think!

Menu Mindfully

Listen, the holiday season is probably not your ideal time to kick off a strict new diet. But all too often, festive feasts have been the downfall of the best of us. Try to find balance and moderation this time of year – consider working meals into your calendar when appropriate, and be realistic when planning the overlaps between huge workouts and holiday meals. Snack wisely, and always hydrate and recover to the best of your ability. It sounds impossible, but trust us – you can have turkeys and 10Ks in the same season. Moderation is everything!

Your Ultimate Fitness Tool

So, you have read our guide to fall fitness, and maybe you’re wondering if there happens to be a tool that can help with all this. Well, you’re in luck – PKRS.AI is the perfect solution for someone trying to not just maintain their fitness this fall, but take their performance to the next level. Featuring an AI-driven training regimen tailor-made for you and your personal goals, an elite coaching team available to support you, and daily/weekly plans featuring workouts, recovery time, and meals, a PKRS.AI membership can make following this guide a piece of cake. Or maybe pumpkin pie?

New to PKRS.AI?

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