Can you amend a workout in my plan?

Yes, but a workout can only be adjusted prior to starting the session. To do so, press Plan -> Week -> Edit and drag and drop over the desired workout.

Can I increase/decrease my training volume in a given workout?

In your Plan page, select the workout you wish to perform, click Prep and Scale to increase or decrease training volume, or for an alternative when you are away from the equipment needed to perform the workout.

How do I move workouts to different days to custom my training week?

Click the Week button on the top right of Plan page, then click Edit, and simply drag workouts around as you see fit.

What happens if I miss a workout?

We prioritize in making an adaptable training plan that suits you best, and we have considered your rest and recovery days at that. We understand that missing a workout day or two can happen, and we have taken those into careful consideration in our training plan for you, so you can get back on track when you are ready. Our Concierge is always ready for you when you miss one, and your coaching dream team is ready to completely guide you on your PKRS.AI fitness journey.

How often can I expect a response from my Head Coach?

At least daily! But often more frequently if you are actively engaged in a back and forth chat with your Coach.

Can I share my technique videos with my coach?

Not yet, but its coming!

I’ve injured myself in the gym in the past. How will my Strength Trainer help prevent this?

Your Strength trainer can send you links to PKRS.AI proprietary videos to help you fully understand the mechanics of every exercise you do. If in doubt, they can always substitute exercises for other options so that you always feel safe and confident that you are training correctly and efficiently.

Apart from lifting weights, what else can my Strength Trainer help me with?

The goal is to help you create an injury free, optimally-aligned physique ready to take on the demands of peak performance training. As such your Strength Trainer will help you work on not only strength training but also mobility, flexibility, injury prevention, foam rolling and recovery techniques.

I need to drop some bodyfat to hit my ideal body composition. Can my PKRS.AI Nutritionist help?

Absolutely. Your Nutritionist can dial in your calories from your food and the fuel you use during training to be sure that you are energized and yet able to still drop the bodyfat required.

I’m having problems with my digestive health such as bloating, irregularity and gas, etc. Can my PKRS.AI Nutritionist help?

Yes. Your nutritionist will help you eliminate problem foods and replace them with healthy alternatives. They can analyze what you currently do and suggest new habits to transform your digestion.

I’m doing a race/ event. How do I add that to my profile?

From the Plan page found under Events, click Show Events and then the Add Event button.

How do I link my Smartwatch to PKRS.AI?

From the Profile page, click Linked Accounts under Settings, select which account and follow steps. If Garmin or Suunto select those options. If any other device link it through Strava.

Make sure that your Privacy settings allows us to see your activities. For Garmin users through the Garmin Connect mobile app, go to More > Settings > Profile & Privacy > Activity > Select “My Connections” for all options.

How do I delete my account?

From the Profile page, select Delete Account.

How do I change my “morning check-in” alert time?

From the Profile page, go to Set Alert Time under Settings and scroll to desired time.

Can I mark a workout as completed without debriefing?

Not at this time. You’ll want to debrief each workout to mark it as completed. You can just write no comment or none at the moment (natm) if needed.

Can I edit my debrief answers?

Currently, you won’t be able to edit information you’ve already submitted but you can submit a new debrief or chat with your Concierge.

Can I debrief past workouts from a previous day/ later?

You can debrief workouts you’ve completed within the last 3 days. However, you’ll want to debrief workouts each day as you complete them so that your smartwatch data file is stored with the correct workout and so that your Stats are accurate and up to date. Debriefing after every workout or at least at the end of each day will help you log the correct answers in the debrief section. This will supplement our AI with the right advice for any appropriate changes to the next day’s training. The advices your coaching team and AI give you are always better when you debrief. This allows us to help you better.

What does the % and assessment of my Training Score on the STATS page mean?

This is a summary of the total load on your body from training intensity, volume, duration and life stress. Depending on the period of training, we will look for different scores but mostly we want to a balanced reading (<50%> range) with occasional HEAVY readings (<75%>) when peaking and some light periods (<25%>) when recovering or in a maintenance phase.

If I don’t have a Smart watch or Strava can I still use PKRS.AI?

Our users report the best experience when using a smartwatch or when synced with Strava. However, you can still complete all of the workouts and log your performance. You can use the training videos in the tools library and track your lifestyle stats. 

How do I use my swim paces?

Your swim paces are located within your athlete profile. After your swim test, your Concierge will review your data and set your pace zones. 

What are Heartrate training zones?

Most PKRS.AI workouts are based on heartrate and time. Heartrate training is an excellent guide to the stress and intensity of a workout. There is a tutorial video on this in the How It Works section of the Tools library in the app. 

Where are my HR zones?

Your HR zones are located in your profile to view, when you PREP your workout youll be able to see your suggested HR zones.

How do I set my training zones?

Within the first few weeks of your training program, you will do field test sessions per sport to help set optimal training zones. Your Concierge will review your data and set your zones in your athlete profile. If you have lab test data please share this with your Concierge.

Am I supposed to do all A, B, C & M workouts?

Ideally, yes. Your program is tailor-made to your available time and goals. ‘A workouts’ are a top priority, ‘B’ is to add more volume and refine stimulus, and consider ‘C’ as the icing on the cake. If you feel that the program has too much sessions prepared for you, or if you feel like you could do more, just let your PRO Coach know and they can adjust your program. We prioritize in creating an adaptable training plan that is right for you.

Can I still train with a group?

Yes, you can! The PKRS.AI coaching brain is the product of multiple minds that have won and coached at the Olympic and World Championship level. Even though we recommend to stay social, note that there is no better qualified coach to write you a training program available on the market. We therefore ask you to trust your program and your coach since the program you have is designed for your available time, races and goals. Your PRO Coach will happily discuss with you what sessions are available to you locally and that fit with the logistics of your life. Whenever possible, they will fit these in to your program. However, your physiology might be better served doing workouts specific to your needs. Your coach will advise on this. It’s important to remember that even in a group environment, you should strive to do what’s right for you and stay in your correct training zones.

Will I receive a plan on how to approach race-day?

Yes! In the months prior to your event, you will do training that educates you to your perfect race pace. Furthermore, you can chat with your PRO Coaches in the week prior to the race to go over all race day logistics. Your nutritionist will have been working with your for several months to help you find the optimal approach to fueling your event.

Where can I see the rest intervals and finer details of each prescribed workout?

Tap on any workout in the Plan view and you will see all the details  including interval length, rest period, number of reps, intensity, fueling and diet related to the workout. You can be as comprehensive as you can when you Prep a workout. You can Prep as many times as you want, and check out session days in advance. If you still have questions after you Prep a workout, simply message your Coach.

Can I send PKRS.AI workouts to Zwift/ Trainer Road/ My smartwatch, etc?

Currently, we can sync with your Garmin, Suunto or Strava but we will add these in the future!

Do I get to choose my coach?

As part of your onboarding, you get to choose the type of coach which suits you best. Our advanced AI then partners you with the most suitable candidate to best serve your needs. All PKRS coaches are qualified to coach in their chosen sports and are certified to meet our high standard of service and knowledge. The PKRS.AI coaching brain is the product of multiple minds that have won and coached at the Olympic and World Championship level. There is no better qualified coach to serve you in the market today.

Is the PKRS.AI app right for me if I’m coming back from an injury?

Yes. Your training plan is adaptive and will help you build back your fitness level while monitoring for potential sources of injury. Furthermore, your Strength trainer will make sure that you are doing the correct rehab training to optimize the recovery process.

Will my strength training program be specific to my sport?

Absolutely. Each sport has specific demands on your strength, mobility and flexibility. Your strength trainer can adapt your program to be custom to your needs and previous strength training habits. Your program will follow a sound scientific progression so that you are always developing and pushing to a new level of performance

How can my nutritionist help with recovery?

Each day you will get a custom recovery formula based on the intensity and length of workouts that you are doing. This is automatically synced with your training and based on your bodyweight and goals. All meals and post session recovery practices are designed to give you the optimal daily amount of protein, fats and carbohydrates that your body and sport require.

Can I share my food log with my nutritionist?

Yes. You can send your daily food log via chat to your Nutritionist

Can I request a custom meal plan?

On all programs, you will receive a revolving daily meal plan based off of your selections from onboarding. These selections are based on your preferences such as meat-eater, vegetarian and vegan. They are also based on the day’s workout intensity. You will also get a fueling prescription per workout that is specific to the workout intensity and your bodyweight. You can always chat with your nutritionist to refine your diet and fueling plan to help you lose or gain weight, prepare for race or solve digestive issues.

How do I add or change my payment information?

Simply chat with your Concierge and they will send you the relevant link.

How do I cancel my membership subscription?

Please send a chat message to your Concierge team and they will provide you with details.

How do I update my profile photo?

From the Plan page, click on your photo in the top right corner, select the photo and click Edit.

How do I change my password?

From the Plan page, click on Settings in the top left corner. Under Account, Change Password.

How do I request a refund?

Simply send a message to Concierge and they will provide you with details.

I completed a workout but PKRS.AI asked me to debrief a different workout. What should i do?

When asked to debrief an workout you have not completed, please select NO. Select the completed workout you wish to debrief and go ahead and debrief it for me.

Can I edit my morning check-in questions?

Currently, you wont be able to edit your morning check in questions but ask your Concierge if you have questions about how to use the scale to answer these.

Why is there no data on my STATS screens when I open the app?

Stats works best after 5-7 days of you answering your morning check-in questions, doing training sessions and debriefing workouts.

What does the % and assessment of my Recovery Score on the STATS page mean?

This is a summary of how well you are absorbing training and life in general. We want high % scores showing 7hrs+ of high quality sleep per night with low to moderate general fatigue scores to get optimal ratings when possible.

Can I debrief past workouts from a previous day/ later?

You can debrief workouts you’ve completed within the last 3 days. However you’ll want to debrief workouts each day as you complete them so that your smartwatch data file is stored with the correct workout and so that your STATS are accurate and up to date. Debriefing after every workout or at least at the end of each day will  help you log the correct answers in the debrief section. This will help the AI to suggest any appropriate changes to the next day’s training. The advice your coaching team and AI gives you is always better when you debrief. This allows us to help you better.

Why haven’t I heaRd from my Coach/ Nutritionist/ Strength Trainer?

All your PRO Coaches check messages daily so if you are waiting on a response, please let your Concierge know so that they can check that there is no technical issue affecting your service.


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