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Your PKRS.AI Head Coach is there with you throughout your training journey.

Each athlete requires a specific type of Head Coach to guide them towards their short-term and long-term goals. Knowing which type is right for you is a key part of the PKRS.AI experience. Choose your Head Coach based on the coach personality that suits your needs best. Choose from a Scientist, Mentor, or Motivator.

leading by expertise

Real leadership.
Real Results.


A coach driven by performance data and looking at your numbers, for those looking at a more technical experience.


An expert with a helping hand to encourage and guide you through the process.


The professional who will drive you to be your best, especially when you are lagging and need an extra push.


Frequently Asked Questions For Your Head Coach

Can you amend a workout in my plan?

Yes BUT a workout can only be adjusted prior to starting the session. To do so, press Plan –> Week –> Edit and drag and drop over the desired workout.

Can I increase/decrease my training volume in a given workout?

In your plan page select the workout you wish to perform, click PREP and the SCALE for more to receive more training volume, scale for less to receive less training volume or alternative to if you are away from the equipment needed to perform the workout.

How do I move workouts to different days to custom my training week?

Click the week button on the top right of Plan page, then click Edit, then drag workouts around as you see fit.

What happens if I miss a workout?

It happens! If its a Test workout you can always let your concierge team know. If you want to make it up you can always move it to another day using the adaptive program feature when you click on the week icon in the Plan view.

How often can I expect a response from my Head Coach?

At least daily but often more frequently if you are actively engaged in a back and forth chat with your Coach.

Can I share my technique videos with my coach?

Not yet but its coming!

Am I supposed to do all A, B, C & M workouts?

In an ideal world yes. Your program is custom to you and built based on your available time and goals. A workouts are a “must”, B add more volume and refined stimulus and C are the icing on the cake. If you feel this is too much or little for you just let your Coach know and they can adjust your program.

Can I still train with a group?

Yes … Sometimes! The PKRS.AI coaching brain is the product of multiple minds that have won and coached at the Olympic and World Championship level. There is no better qualified coach to write you a training program available on the market. We therefore ask you to trust your program and your coach since the program you have is designed for your available time, races and goals. Your PKRS.AI coach will happily discuss with you what sessions are available to you locally and that fit with the logistics of your life. Whenever possible they will fit these in to your program however, your physiology might be better served doing workouts specific to your needs. Your coach will advise on this. It’s important to remember that even in a group environment, you should strive to do what’s right for you and stay in your correct training zones.

Will I receive a plan on how to approach race-day?

Yes! In the months prior to your event you will do training that educates you as to your perfect race pace. Furthermore, you can chat with your coach in the week prior to the race to go over all race day logistics. Your nutritionist will have been working with your for several months to help you find the optimally approach to fueling your event.

Where can I see the rest intervals and finer details of each prescribed workout?

Tap on any workout in the Plan view and you will see all the details, including intervals length, rest periods, number of reps, intensity, fuelling and diet related to that workout. When you PREP a workout you get even more detail. You can PREP as many times as you want so you can check out a session days in advance if you want and again on the day you do it. If you still have questions after you PREP a workout, simply message your coach to chat.

Can I send PKRS.AI workouts to Zwift/ Trainer Road/ My smartwatch, etc?

Currently we only sync with your Garmin or Strava but we will add this in the future!

Do I get to choose my coach?

As part of your onboarding you get to choose the type of coach which suits you and your chosen sport the best. Our A.I. then partners you with the most geography suitable candidate to best serve your needs. All PKRS coaches are qualified to coach in their chosen sports and are certified to meet our high standard of service and knowledge. The PKRS.AI coaching brain is the product of multiple minds that have won and coached at the Olympic and World Championship level. There is no better qualified coach to serve you in the market today.


Olympic Gold & 3 x IRONMAN World Champion

Triathlon training is not just about swimming, biking and running. It’s about tracking your health, fitness and your mental freshness. PKRS.AI has incorporated this really really well. It’s a one-stop-shop that contains everything and is individually catered to everyone’s needs.

Jan Frodeno is an investor and works closely with PKRS.AI, co-developing and helping us improve our product and service. The combination between Jan’s expertise and our AI is one of the secrets behind PKRS.AI’s success. 

Jan Frodeno

4 x World & IRONMAN Champion

Competing at the top of your game means having everything aligned just right. From your training to your recovery, your nutrition and mindset. They are all interlinked and with PKRS.AI they are always in perfect sync. Hitting the numbers required to win is one thing but that’s useless if you can’t stay injury free and motivated.

Leanda Cave

Marathoner, Mother & CEO

I have a busy life with travel and kids, so flexibility is key. PKRS.AI takes in to account everything that I have going on and builds me the perfect training and nutrition plan to maximize my time. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, PKRS.AI keeps me feeling and performing like an athlete.

Marissa James

Masters Cyclist & Father of 3

I had never chased my dream to really compete as a cyclist because I didn’t feel that I had all the tools required to help me succeed. With PKRS.AI I now have everything at my fingertips so I can race at my best and still maintain a healthy family and working life.

Luke Wilson

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