Four-time world triathlon champion, Leanda Cave joins PKRS.AI.

Through this partnership Leanda will be not only a brand ambassador but also a coach and contribute to the A.I. coaching brain that powers the users experience. 

Leanda said, “Within sport, technology is moving at an alarming rate, however, the way coaching responds to this new age of data driven training is slow and flawed… until now.  PKRS.AI has developed the first AI driven coaching platform that analyzes data and maintains a feedback loop that keeps both the athlete and the coach up to speed with everything from fatigue, to diet and life related stress.” 

“As an athlete this allows me to avoid overtraining and injury thereby building my health as well as my fitness. As a coach I get alerts to help me monitor an athlete around the clock to make time sensitive adjustments without delay”.

Behind the app there is a powerful AI machine that delivers data-driven, holistic & continuous coaching, dramatically boosting people’s performance. The “human in the loop” architecture provides actual coaches, nutritionists, functional specialists and other experts that guide users in their high-performance journey.