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how it works

Access your custom daily and weekly training program within your PKRS.AI app. This plan has been built using the combined knowlege of world champion athletes, their coaches, and their support teams. A fully adaptive and customizable program that adapts to your short-term and long-term goals.

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Adaptive Daily Plan

Champions know that attention to details can make the difference when crossing the finish line. Get the exact details of your daily plan accompanied by the type of workout, the duration, level of effort, nutrition tips and recipes, and the intervals to reach your peak.

weekly plan


Adaptive Weekly Plan

Things happen, plans change, so your program is easily adapted to any issues that may arise. Unexpected personal events, injuries, or just regular fatigue are all parts of a champions journey. PKRS.AI adapts to you, rather than the other way around.


Olympic Gold & 3 x IRONMAN World Champion

Triathlon training is not just about swimming, biking and running. It’s about tracking your health, fitness and your mental freshness. PKRS.AI has incorporated this really really well. It’s a one-stop-shop that contains everything and is individually catered to everyone’s needs.

Jan Frodeno is an investor and works closely with PKRS.AI, co-developing and helping us improve our product and service. The combination between Jan’s expertise and our AI is one of the secrets behind PKRS.AI’s success. 

Jan Frodeno

4 x World & IRONMAN Champion

Competing at the top of your game means having everything aligned just right. From your training to your recovery, your nutrition and mindset. They are all interlinked and with PKRS.AI they are always in perfect sync. Hitting the numbers required to win is one thing but that’s useless if you can’t stay injury free and motivated.

Leanda Cave

Marathoner, Mother & CEO

I have a busy life with travel and kids, so flexibility is key. PKRS.AI takes in to account everything that I have going on and builds me the perfect training and nutrition plan to maximize my time. Wherever I am and whatever I am doing, PKRS.AI keeps me feeling and performing like an athlete.

Marissa James

Masters Cyclist & Father of 3

I had never chased my dream to really compete as a cyclist because I didn’t feel that I had all the tools required to help me succeed. With PKRS.AI I now have everything at my fingertips so I can race at my best and still maintain a healthy family and working life.

Luke Wilson

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